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General informations

Our Innovative technology can help you to reduce expenses of your waste management cost and turn them to profit.

  • Improving profibatability
  • No water need it
  • Important contribution to environmental protection and energy saving
  • Support Community
Waste to profit?

From waste materials which are expensive or impossible to recycle with our system you can shift them to solid construction boards with the same or better characteristics than regular wooden boards.

Water waste

Many Solutions for Waste Management require huge amount of water during a process.

Our process is waterless as we simple cut, crush and tight your waste into a construction material.

Diversity in materials

You can choose between many waste materials (tetra pack, triplex, elo-pack, and other multilayer packing materials) to produce a final product such as construction boards, poles, cubes, etc.

Support community 100% eco product

Our production is 100% Eco Friendly so local communities are not in threat of water or air pollution.

Waterproof ECO boards are a building material consisting of pressed pieces of recycled tetrapack and other waste materials.

They meet extremely high requirements in terms of shape stability, homogeneity and minimal changes in properties, providing excellent opportunities for modern construction and a range of other applications.

Waterproof ECO boards can be used both indoors and outdoors, and unlike previous board materials, no adhesives are used in the manufacturing process, so the product is 100% environmentally friendly.

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